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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Feeding suet year round

I like to feed suet year round. There are different birds here in Michigan in the summer than in the winter. I like the Peanut butter suet but the Orange suet is also good option to attract some fruit and bug eaters like the orioles, tanagers, warblers, and Rose Breasted Grosbeaks.

Wild Bird Unlimited offers suet cakes made from rendered beef kidney fat so it won’t spoil. It maintains a high melting point of 109 degrees Fahrenheit. For full sun conditions the Orange Suet Dough has added ground cornmeal to make the melting point even higher.

There is no "flavoring" in this suet. It is real heavy suet. No air or water is whipped in to make it cheaper. The Orange suet also has real ground oranges, real ground papaya, real ground peanuts, and cornmeal to stiffen it so it won't melt in very high temperatures.
Many birds need that high energy food during migration, nesting and raising young. And I love to watch as harried parent birds bring their babies up close and try to convince them to feed themselves.

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