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Sunday, April 16, 2017

One of the tiniest sparrows in Michigan

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
I adore watching and listening to the Chipping Sparrows in the spring and summer. They seemed to come back to mid-Michigan earlier than usual this year. One of smallest and friendliest of the sparrows, they are always busy, busy running around on the yard looking for weed seeds or bird seed under the feeders.

They arrive in mid-Michigan at the end of April and leave early November to winter in Mexico, Central America or the southern United States. These bold little birds will perch high in a tree and sing to mark their territory. The loud, trilling songs of a chipping sparrow are one of the most common sounds of spring and easily identifiable. The song is often described as the sound of an electric sewing machine. To hear the chipping sparrow’s song, visit HERE.

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