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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nest pulled out of birdhouse

I woke up today and my birdhouse has all the nesting material hanging out of the door. Does that mean the babies have left the nest?
Unfortunately it is probably a sign that a raccoon has raided the house, stealing all the eggs and removing most of the nest. Leave it for a couple days. If it wasn't destroyed totally, the birds might repair it. But more than likely the birds will move on to find a safer nesting location.
Bird Guardians

How to make your house safer: 
- Keep houses at least 100 feet away from a bird feeder. 
- Mount your bird house on a pole and at least 10 feet away from any structure that a cat or raccoon could jump from.
- Use a baffle around the pole to prevent them from climbing.
- A roof that over hangs the front of the birdhouse at least six inches will prevent cats and raccoons from reaching inside from above.
- Extending the entrance with the Bird Guardian or a 1" block of wood around the entrance hole prevents squirrels and raccoons from bending their arm to reach the nest.

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