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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Photo Share: White-crowned Sparrow and Eastern Bluebird family

Hi Sarah & Miss Dolly!
Hope you guys are well! Sharing some photos please use whatever you like. 
We had a late white crowned sparrow come and take a good bath;)

Our 5 bluebirds have fledged, in the one photo the little guy was ready to leave and he got scolded by Mom and Dad and poked back in the house! It was lucky timing on my part!
The next day they did all fledge. 

Dad is a busy bee! I did not get a shot of all 5 together but he is bringing all 5 up to the house. It’s always a treat when we get to see they have all fledged and doing well!! They have built a 2nd nest already. Dad is doing all of the feeding this year.  He is the father of the year! What a job for him! 

Happy to report your idea of adding the wren house last year has been a success! Although the Wren used the one bluebird house, chickadees used the wren house and the bluebirds used one house! We have not had any aggressive behavior! Everyone was busy doing their own thing!
Thank you it worked! YAAY

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