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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Stormy gray bird with sun shining through

Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Some migrant birds are still on the move. I had an American Redstart female in the viburnum last weekend. She was stunning! A tiny, slim gray warbler with touches of warm yellow-orange feathers on the sides, wings, and tail. She looked like a fierce rain cloud with the sun peeking through.

She had a similar silhouette to a goldfinch but, her twitchy movements caught my eye. American Redstarts are known for their distinctive foraging behavior of flicking their brightly colored tails to stir up insects from foliage. During migration, many warblers stop to rest in dense shrubby habitats where food and water is available. They are excellent bug catchers but may check out your suet, nut or mealworm feeders for a quick bit of extra energy after a long flight.

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