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Monday, May 8, 2017

What a female Baltimore Oriole looks like

This is the first year I put out an oriole feeder and I have two bright orange and black boys!!!!! I am using the Wild Birds Unlimited saucer feeder with your BirdBerry Jelly and an orange. They seem to like everything... very much!!!! I'm so happy. I am assuming the females arrive after the males. What do I look for. Are they yellow?

I'm so happy you're so happy. Orioles are such bright birds to have during the summer. Females are less noticeable and can vary in coloring. Some are yellow and some are more orangy. The Baltimore oriole girls are yellow-orange on the breast and have gray-brown wings with two bold white wing bars.

Male and female Baltimore Oriole at Wild Birds Unlimited oriole feeder
However, immature orioles take over a year to reach adult plumage so they are also variable, and resemble the female typically.

Females do show up a week after the males and usually don't use the feeders as much either.

Male stake out a territory with elms, maples, cottonwood, willow, or apple trees that can hold a tear drop shaped nest 25 to 30 feet in the air. They practice courtship displays that consist of bowing, to show off the bright orange front and black back, and singing. When the female arrives, she chooses a mate and builds a nest with little or no help from the male.

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