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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Photo Share: Family of 5 bluebirds feeding

Hi Sarah ,
This year we have had 10 bluebird babies! It has been so neat to watch the first set of babies help out with this set! I am saddened to tell you we lost our Mom bluebird last week! We have had the same set for 3 years. Best I can tell anyway.

They use the same nest box and come when I whistle for their meal.
I went out one evening to feed them and all was ok. The next A.M feeding she was laying on the ground stiff. Maybe she had too many babies? I can not tell what happened to her no evidence of why? We buried her.

The good news is the Dad and 5 babies are busy feeding this set of 5! I believe they will all survive. Time will tell!

I got a few shots of them all coming. I missed the all 5 shot, as one was flying away and the other flying in. Thought you would enjoy ;)
Give Dolly a chin scratch from us!

Thank you for the photos! Sorry to hear about momma bluebird. I'm glad you are there to supplement mealworms for daddy.

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