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Friday, June 30, 2017

Photo Share: Goldfinch raiding wren house

I wanted to share an interesting observation. I have a House Wren nesting in my Woolie this year but it has been battling a goldfinch stealing some soft stuffing for her own nest. Eventually the wren won or the goldfinch took home enough nesting material to leave the wren alone.

The male wren was fascinating to watch as he figured out how to get all those sticks in the nest! It has given me hours of entertainment.

And this squirrel also visited me. He perched on my deck with a black walnut that he found from who knows where because there aren't any in the neighborhood. He carefully nibbled and gnawed all the away around the nut until it cracked open. Then he juggled the two pieces until he could adroitly balance both halves and eat the nut. Nobody else was getting this nut. I love all the activity in the yard.

Photo and story by Sandra Hellman

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