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Monday, July 10, 2017

Feeder choice keeps doves at bay

We have always enjoyed many cardinals in our feeders.  This year about 6-8 dove have dominated the feeders and we feel they have kept the cardinals from coming.  Is there any way to discourage the dove?  We miss our cardinals!

To deter the doves and keep the cardinals you can use a seed block like the Wild Birds Unlimited Safflower cylinder. Doves don't have the same ability to use their bill to work a seed off a seed block but cardinals have no problem.

Mourning Doves are not picky eaters so it doesn’t help to change what you are feeding. They eat a variety of seeds, insects, and berries. They stuff their crop until it bulges and then fly off to digest slowly.

However doves are ground feeders. They need a large perching area to feed comfortably so you can also use a tube feeder with a cardinal perch. Two popular feeders are Squirrel Buster Plus or the Droll Yankees Whipper. Both allow the cardinal to feed comfortably and keep the doves at bay.

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