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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Identify Monarch Butterfly

I was excited to see a monarch on my flowers outside the Wild Birds Unlimited store! It was battling the winds with expert skill.

The Monarch Butterfly has distinct black veins, and a black border with white polka dots on orange wings. The underside of the monarch butterflies' wings are paler than the topside. The wingspan of a full-grown monarch is four to five inches. The body of the monarch is black with more white dots.

Males and females can be told apart by looking at the top of their hind wings. Males have a black spot at the center of each hind wing, while the females do not. The spot is a scent gland that helps the males attract female mates.

While beautiful, this coloring actually sends a warning to predators that the monarch is foul tasting and poisonous.

Take a quiz to see if you can tell the difference between the similar viceroy and queen butterflies: http://look-alikes-fool-you/

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