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Friday, July 21, 2017

Photo Share: Dolly is making new friends!

Yesterday was a big day for Dolly (cat). Besides helping me do computer work, she made a couple new friends! First I walked in and she had somehow invited a baby red squirrel in for breakfast and a mid-morning run around the store. Eventually Reddy squirrel took a nap in one of the displays and Dolly, bored with situation, took her usual break in the backroom. That's when a customer helped me escort the Reddy out. He didn't really want to go, but we convinced him finally that it was a good idea to find some other friends to lunch with outside.

In the afternoon a baby House Finch ate lunch with Dolly. Then, (I don't know what this says about Dolly's conversational skills), also took a nap on the sill. Dolly still chatted away at the bird and even tried to wake it up by tapping on the window. Finally daddy House Finch saw the situation and warned him away from starting friendships with cats. But the baby did come back several times to sit with Dolly throughout the day anyway.

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