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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Backyard Birds: Welcomed Guests at Our Gardens and Feeders review

Stan Tekiela is the author of one of our most popular field guides, Birds of Michigan. One reason it is so hard to keep on the Wild Birds Unlimited shelf is because the photographs depict the birds so beautifully. As a professional naturalist, wildlife photographer and author, Tekiela is able to capture the birds in action.
His new book Backyard Birds: Welcomed Guests at Our Gardens and Feeders is my favorite kind of bird book. The photographs are gorgeous and the information tidbits are fascinating! It will interest  young to old, and even people who aren't "birdwatchers".

This coffee table book delves into the lives of backyard birds through Tekiela's personal observations and research. Every important aspect of the birds lives, from nests, egg development, feathers, feet, feeding, flight, migration and survival, is portrayed in this informative book. You are sure to learn something new and gain a new appreciation on the lives of our wonderful backyard friends.

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