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Friday, August 4, 2017

Photo Share: #Cat Napping In Birdbath

Keep Your Cat Happy
To provide the best possible life for your indoor feline…

The Purrfect Spot
Climbing and exploring are irresistible to cats, and just so you know, bird baths make the perfect napping spot. But be sure to place them in front of a sunny window.

Interactive Playtime
Toys do not have to be expensive (a feather, leaf, or prickly pine cone), but they should be rotated regularly to keep each play activity fresh. And remember nothing is so important that you can't stop when they want a little one on one time. Time spent with a cat is never wasted.

Window to the World
Provide your cat a view of bird feeders from a window ledge. Or let her look out the screen door. Squirrel and bird friends often stop by to chat.

Grow a Kitty Garden
Many cats will nibble on grasses, and for a special treat, consider growing some catnip now and then.

Dolly had a wild childhood and never asks to go outside. She has safe, fun, enriching and healthy indoor life. By taking steps to protect your cat and let them enjoy their life indoors, you are being a responsible pet owner and protecting your pet in the best possible way as well as protecting wild birds.

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