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Thursday, September 28, 2017

New featured creature

Seed Cylinders are tidy, long-lasting, tightly packed seed shapes held together with gelatin that slip on a cylinder feeder. It's a win-win for you and your birds. The birds stay longer eating at the feeder instead of grabbing a morsel and flying quickly away to eat it elsewhere. And the cylinders are packed with high-calorie nuts to provide birds with enough energy stay warm.

One of the fun things about using the seed cylinder feeder is the availability of the Seed Cylinder Characters that come out in the fall. Months and months of work go into the design of a new featured creature each year. This year's new limited quantity character is in the cute shape of an owl. And coming in mid-October we will also see the return of Buttons the Snowman, Peanut the Squirrel and Rascal the Raccoon.

The Seed Cylinder feeders are popular with people who have been bird feeding a long time and for beginners. It is one of the easiest feeders to maintain, attracts a wide variety of birds, and makes a great gift. Available only at Wild Birds Unlimited, seed characters are a whimsical addition to any backyard bird feeding station.

Stop by our store to meet all these "seedy characters." They can help you attract many of your favorite birds, including chickadees, woodpeckers and goldfinches. Warning: these always go fast, so don't wait.

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