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Friday, September 22, 2017

Photo Share: Bluebirds frolicking in the bath

Everyday I have a group of blue birds taking their daily bath. They splash so much I always have to put more water in. This day happened to be the largest group I have seen yet. So fun to watch them. When do the bluebirds migrate?  By the way, love our bird bath from your shop. Jo- St Johns 
Usually, Eastern Bluebirds will gather in large family flocks at the end of nesting season. If you have fruiting trees or bluebird feeders and a reliable source of water, you may host the bluebirds year-round. Scientists think it’s due to genetics whether they want to fly south or winter over. Some birds are compelled to move south and others are not.

The Eastern Bluebirds are considered partial migrants. Often, the birds from Canada and the northern U.S. will leapfrog over mid-Michigan in order to avoid competition for food and migrate all the way down to Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and the southern portions of Alabama, Georgia and Texas. But our bluebirds might hang around in the woods if it is a mild winter and just shift short distances in search of food and water.

They forage for fruits, nuts, and berries from shrubs, trees, and vines. Some of those include dogwood, hawthorn, mountain ash, sumac, holly, bittersweet, pokeweed, grape, and honeysuckle fruits.

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