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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Photo Share: Grasshopper in Michigan

I love my backyard birds! Bird watching is among the most popular of all American recreational pursuits. It is estimated that there are over 9,000 species of birds, at least 200 breed in Michigan and more than 400 species spend at least some time in the state.

Bugs can be just as fascinating or frustrating if they are found somewhere other than outside. In the United States only, the number of insect species named is approximately 91,000 and another 73,000 are unidentified.

I saw this little two inch grasshopper on the bird bath in front of the Wild Birds Unlimited store. I could identify "grasshopper" but needed more help to find her name. So I went to http://bugguide.net and made an ID request. They came back immediately with female Grasshopper - Melanoplus differentialis.  A common roadside grasshopper.

Like most grasshoppers, Differential Grasshoppers eat many different types of plants, including: grasses, weeds, crops, clover, and fruits. They breed in late Summer and early Fall. Then females lay their eggs near the base of vegetation. These eggs won't hatch until the following Spring.

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