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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Some birds like it hot?

What birds like Hot? Now that Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing, MI is carrying a large selection of Hot Pepper Cylinders, this has become one of the most frequently asked questions. New this year are Hot Pepper Cranberry, Hot Pepper No-mess, and Flaming Hot Feast Seed Cylinders!

So the answer to what birds like it Hot is all feeder birds. "Like" might not be the right word. If fact they don't taste it. In studies scientists fed bird seed to birds, and then fed the same food coated with capsaicin, the active “hot” chemical in peppers, and they were not affected by it.

Birds don't sense hot because they have so few taste buds: pigeons have 37, while humans have close to 10,000 taste buds, and squirrels and other mammals have a similar number to us.

So serving foods that birds like, that is coated in hot pepper, doesn't stop birds but does deter squirrels, raccoons, and deer from lunch at the "bird" feeder.

Source:  Curiosities: Why can birds eat hot peppers? http://news.wisc.edu/curiosities-why-can-birds-eat-hot-peppers/ via @uwmadison

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