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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Where Eastern Bluebirds winter

I put up a Wild Birds Unlimited Bluebird House in late August and within minutes they were checking it out. Will they use it in the winter?
A pair of Eastern Bluebirds in Michigan, USA.
That’s a good question. It’s very normal for Eastern Bluebirds to gather together in large flocks starting in August until September in search of food. After nesting season has ended, they usually form large nomadic groups that roost at night in the woods. But they may use your house as a roosting spot in the winter to protect themselves when the winds and snow blows.

In mid-Michigan, many bluebirds are year-round residents. Even if they don't roost in the house during the winter, it is good to have the it up in the fall because they begin to look for potential nesting sites as early as February.

Bluebirds' diets change from mostly worms and insects in the spring and summer over to fruit, nuts and berries in the fall and winter. Having a house, feeders and a habitat that produces food encourages them to stick around all winter. They also appreciate open water in the winter. If you have a pond or heated birdbath they may show up in large numbers for afternoon drinks.

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