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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Where to put suet feeder

Is it too early to feed suet?

Red-breasted Nuthatch 
waiting for the suet feeder to be filled
Wild Birds Unlimited has suet available year-round. There is never a bad time to feed suet but fall is a good time to feed birds high energy food to help grow new feathers to survive the winter or fly thousands of miles to return to their southern wintering grounds.

In September look for Red-breasted nuthatches flying down from Canada to perhaps spend the winter with us in mid-Michigan and a lot of different warblers are going to pass through in the next few weeks. Keep your suet feeder full! Most warbler migration is from the end of August to early November. Migration can take a toll on birds and a quick high protein meal at a suet feeder helps fuel them.

If you've never fed suet before the two main things to keep in mind when deciding where a feeder are: can you see the feeder well, and is the feeder in a safe location. It is best if there is a perching spot where birds can check the area for predators before they eat. And make sure the feeder is in a place that’s relatively safe from window collisions and from predators. The closer to the window the better because if a bird takes off from the feeder and hits the window, it won’t be going at top speed and has a better chance of surviving.

Then you just have to sit back and be patient. Chickadees will be the first to find a suet feeder, followed by nuthatches and then woodpeckers. It isn't unusual for a woodpecker to take a month or more to figure out a new feeder.

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