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Monday, October 9, 2017

How birds keep cool

How the birds are faring in this warm fall weather? Is this warm weather good for the birds?
Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Birds use several different techniques to beat the heat. They pant like a dog to breathe out, some of this heat, leaving them feeling cooler. They wait out the hottest part of the day in a shady location and puff out their feathers so air can reach their skin. And the combination of growing itchy winter feathers and cooling their body temperature may make the birds hit the bird bath more often.

Warm weather isn't bad for the birds. The cold weather we usually have in the fall would have made them burn fat faster, so your birds won't be eating as much this warm fall. And when you do see them at the feeder it will be more often at dawn and dusk when it is the coolest.

Winter finches illustration via Wikimedia commons
Besides the warm weather we've also had the best cone crop in a decade or more along with abundant seed, nut, and fruit crops. The annual WINTER FINCH FORECAST 2017 - 2018 by Ron Pittaway predicts that fewer birds will have to venture south this winter to find food. This is not an irruption year for siskins, redpolls, or grosbeaks. While this is good news for the birds, it is not so good news for people who wait for those special winter birds to visit. But the crops always fluctuate. An abundance this year means more birds will survive the winter to breed successfully and then all those babies will possibly venture south to find food next year.

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