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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sharing the gift of Birds with unique feeder

Starting in his Texas kitchen in 1996, Mr.Bird is now one of the largest Bird Seed Gift manufacturers in the United States. Mr.Bird had a vision for a better way to feed birds; loose seed would often be scattered and suet would melt in their hot Texas summers. So he first made seed and nut blocks held together with gelatin.

Clinging birds like the chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpecker flocked to the food. The only complaint was the small size. So he quickly designed and introduced three sizes of seed cylinders. Now birds didn't have to wait in line to find a perch. The whole seed cylinder was edible and birds could choose a spot to eat anywhere around the cylinder. They were not limited to a few seed ports on a feeder and seed couldn't be thrown to the ground to sprout and attract unwanted critters. A better way to feed was truly at hand. Thousands of bird lovers, and millions of birds proved Mr.Bird's innovation a success!

In addition to seed blocks and seed cylinders Mr. Bird creates Seed Bells, Seed Balls, Giant Pinecones dipped in seed, Seed Wreaths, Bird Seed Houses, and the most unique Bird Seed Characters (found only at Wild Birds Unlimited).

These products are all handmade in the USA using the the highest quality fruits, seeds, and nuts that attract the widest variety of birds. I marvel at all the detail that goes in to each seed character! In Mr. Birds words: "There is nothing in the world we would rather be doing than making quality products to help people enjoy nature. So please, feed the birds, they're hungry...."

Seed cylinders have become Wild Birds Unlimited's most popular "winter feeder". Just slip the cylinder of your choice on the feeder and watch the birds. No more daily walks through the snow if you don't feel up to it. No more feeling guilty about having empty feeders when you go to visit relatives during the holiday. Seed cylinders last a long time, weeks if not months in some yards. And they are a perfect gift to anyone that loves nature. Mr. Bird makes the most adorable and unforgettable treats birds really love!

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