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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Party Recap

Dolly (cat) and I are still recuperating from the Open House on Saturday! If you can believe it we actually had twice as many people attend, but thankfully it was at a nice steady pace at the register instead of all at once like last year. We didn't run out of everything either! Just almost everything.

My mom once again made a table full of unbelievably lovely goodies and also helped me with customers. While my brother worked tirelessly with customers' questions and stocking seed cylinders, bagging seed, and carrying packages to cars.

I ordered twice as many seed cylinders this year and we still ran low on a lot but we only ran out of the Large No-Mess cylinders. The reorder may be in by Saturday. In the meantime we do have Hot No-Mess, which is the same but with a little spice added to deter squirrels. And we had more seed and suet delivered today and will have an even bigger load coming on Friday.

Wild Birds Unlimited has been in East Lansing for over 12 years now and we always try to offer freshest birdseed blended for the birds that live in our area, full of the nutrition they need to survive the cold weather. Thank you very much for your continued support of our nature shop and everyone that made the Open House a huge success AGAIN! I wish you every Happiness this Holiday Season and throughout the coming New Year!

Much Joy, Sarah

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