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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Photo Share: Gorgeous cardinal

Had this gorgeous cardinal at our feeder today. Thanks for explaining what they are. (Strange Feather Variation: Red and white cardinal http:/strange-feather-variation-cardinal.html)
Linda Cain - Central Illinois
Variations in plumage can be based on the sex of the bird, its age, seasonal changes caused by molting, or genetic mutations. Some examples of genetic color variations include: Albinism, an absence of melanin resulting in an all white bird. Melanism, a bird with feathers that are darker than normal. Xanthochroism, yellowish or orange pigments replacing normal red coloration. Pale Leucism, a genetic mutation that prevents melanin and other pigments from being deposited normally on feathers, resulting in pale or muted colors on the entire bird. And your lovely female cardinal has Pied Leucism, white patches caused by an absence of pigment in some feathers.

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Linda M. Cain said...

Thanks for sharing my pictures. They were really entertaining for our family on Christmas Eve. Having a 4 season room makes bird-watching so much fun in the winter.
~Linda Cain