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Friday, January 12, 2018

Anna's Hummingbird Nesting Season

It's funny to think about it when we are having snowy whiteout conditions in mid-Michigan, but way out west it is the beginning of nesting season for the Anna's Hummingbirds. The question I received yesterday via email was: I live in San Diego and just purchased a hanging nesting material hanger. Is there a certain time of year I should put this out? When do hummingbirds start to build their nests in San Diego?

According to San Diego State University:

"Few birds have taken to man-made surroundings more thoroughly than Anna’s Hummingbird Calypte anna. In its range, Anna’s is by far the most abundant hummingbird in gardens and at feeders while still remaining common in native sage scrub, chaparral, and riparian and oak woodland. Where feeders and ornamental plants fuel it year round, Anna’s Hummingbird is a permanent resident; in natural habitats, many birds depart for the fall. During winter they return, and some begin nesting as early as December. Anna’s Hummingbird nests earlier than any other San Diego County bird."

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