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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Robins stay here all year long

I have just seen a large group of Robins here in in Coastal South Carolina and I was somewhat surprised. Do they stay here all year long? - Cheryll
Yes, some America Robins migrate but if you look at the range map you’ll see that there are winter populations of robins in most states year round. Robins are surprisingly hardy birds, capable of surviving temperatures well below zero. But that doesn’t mean sightings are common. When I hear their chirp in the crab-apple tree in the dead of winter, it always takes me by surprise!

Robins head off to the woods in large flocks in the fall and winter to eat fruits, nuts, and berries. You'll see them occasionally foraging at certain trees that produce fruit, usually after a snow. They can fly miles to forage for food in the winter. You may see them in your yard for two or three days devouring a crab apple tree's fruit and then not see them again the rest of the winter.

At the end of winter when natural supplies run low, they start to show up at my feeders looking for mealworms, suets, seed cylinders, and picking out the nuts in my no-mess blend birdseed. And make sure you have water. Birds need to drink and bathe too, even in cold weather. Dirty feathers lose much of their insulating properties, so a clean bird is a warm bird. A heated birdbath on cold days or a fresh bowl of water on warmer days is a big help. Thank you for sharing your observation!

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