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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Where squirrels sleep at night in the winter

Why aren't the squirrels hibernating?
Not all squirrels hibernate. Ground squirrels, woodchucks and, to a lesser extent, chipmunks hibernate. Although chipmunks wake periodically and eat stored food, while the ground squirrel and woodchuck use stored fat for maintenance energy during hibernation.

Tree squirrels like the Flying Squirrels, Red squirrels, Fox Squirrels and Gray/Black Squirrels prepare for winter by bulking up and hiding food.

In really cold weather they may hole up with several other squirrels together in a den, drey, tree crevices, or man-made boxes to keep warm. A den is created in the side of a tree and is typically constructed using moss and leaves for bedding. Dens can be built into abandoned woodpecker holes or the natural cavities of a tree. A drey is that mass of leaves you see  in the forks of trees that squirrels build with dry leaves and twigs. I have an owl nestbox that is a very popular winter hangout as well as nesting area for squirrels.

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