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Monday, February 12, 2018

#MusicMonday: Mind Challenge

Here is a riddle to start your Monday. What can you sit on, sleep on, and brush your teeth with? A lot of people like to be challenged but are embarrassed to admit when they don't know the answer. Learning to play an instrument as an adult or relearning after a break is the same thing. The idea of the challenge to learn the instrument is intriguing. It puts a goal in front of you. But you are afraid to fail. To a young person learning, it is an everyday occurrence, a challenge that must be met head-on whether they want to or not. Learning new things all the time in school is their life. To an adult, a professional who has been out of school for a while, it is a forgotten feeling. Many of us wish to be young again but we don't want to go through the challenge or embarrassment of having to learn new things again.

Back to the riddle. The answer to this one is very simple but you have to change the way you think about the question and break it down to its parts. Playing music is not a simple endeavor either, there are many small steps to become accomplished. Each note you learn is an advance. Each piece of music you play moves you forward. Each solved riddle keeps you learning, keeps your mind young and you feel good about accomplishing your goal and overcoming the challenge. Michigan State University Community Music School’s New Horizons Band is still recruiting new members. If you’ve never played before, there is someone in NHB to teach you what you need to know to solve the riddle. If you’ve ever wanted to have fun making music, now is the time to learn. You can look for me when you get to class and I’ll make sure you get the answers to your riddle. The answer to today’s riddle, by the way, is a chair, a bed and a toothbrush. Simple.

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