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Friday, February 16, 2018

Photo Share: Cardinals and Crabapples

A lot of people wonder what Dolly (cat) does in the back room most of the day. Well morning duty entails watching birds in the burning bush on the side of the Wild Birds Unlimited store. As the sun shifts she switches to the back window to watch the birds in the crab apple tree.

Natural foods, such as fruits, nuts and seeds provided by trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers will attract a variety of songbirds! Cardinals, House Finches, Dark-eyed Juncos, American Robins, Cedar Waxwings and woodpeckers are just a few of the regular visitors we've watched in the crab apple tree all winter. The tree this year was especially full of fruit. Right now the top and middle of the tree has been picked clean and so they are working on the edges.

These birds have survived a long hard winter and they know an apple (or more) a day keeps sickness away. Apples contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that help improve their health. Crab apples also help Northern Cardinals develop brighter plumage because they contain carotenoids.

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