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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Photo Share: Hummer on Christmas Lights

This is a photo that I took of a hummer sitting on a string of Christmas lights. I like to think the light gave off just enough heat to keep him warm during his watch. The resolution is poor, but then it was shot with an iPhone, thru a kitchen window, into the shadow of an overhang. Made a terrific Holiday card; I colored in the lights. Giggle. 

This morning I saw a resident Anna hummer perched on a clothespin I’d randomly clipped to something near the feeder. I’m going to put a few more clothespins out near the front feeder, as an invitation. T. Sawyer - Seaside, OR

Thank you so much for sharing your photo! You could also put out some nesting material. Hummingbirds' tiny golf ball sized nests, are made with stretchy spider silk lined with cotton nesting material, dandelion, cattail, or thistle down. There is a good video at https://www.facebook.com/Cottonball 

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