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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Where birds go when it rains

Birds take shelter from rain in bushes, brush piles, tree hollows, and man made bird houses. But when the rain keeps coming and coming they eventually need to venture out to eat. This is when feeders help a lot. Having a known source of food available like a bird feeder or fruit bearing tree can help birds gain enough energy to survive the bad weather. 

After the rain stops take a few minutes to clean your feeders and put in fresh seed with a little Feeder Fresh to keep the seed dry. The birds should be very hungry!

While wet birds can fly, at least short distances, it expends more energy, they aren't as steady, and when they land it is harder for them to keep warm. This morning I'm watching the birds flocking to the feeder.

Before they hit the feeders they were probably perched in the tops of trees or the ends of branches with their tail and wings spread out to take full advantage of the drying breezes and vigorously shaking themselves now and again to remove any excess water. Most bird feathers are somewhat water resistant, but this recent downpour soaked them through. I just had a hawk swoop in and do a little twist and swish to remove water. I'm sure he's had a hard couple days too with all his food hiding.

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