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Monday, March 12, 2018

#MusicMonday – Clawhammer Banjo Tune

I spent too much time watching birds this week and didn’t really get around to writing anything for the blog for the week. So I am going to steal something that was written a while ago and just reprint it here, or really not print it but play it. It is written in a different language but I think you will understand the language.

Music is a language of its own. Sometimes a rather complex language at that. Often similar to poetry, sometimes prose, there is usually some structure to it and although the music may be written in one language, it is often interpreted differently by the individual “reading” the language similar to how each individual reads the meaning of a poem. The poem that I am playing in the video, “Sandy River Bell”, is a simple piece performed with the structure AABB. When I play banjo, it is just for fun and to relax and because of that, I mainly play pieces that would be considered light reading. So here is my entry for the blog today: https://youtu.be/KGHG6SwrTQQ

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