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Monday, March 5, 2018

#MusicMonday – Festival Tunes

This week I found myself listening to some more live performances during the MSBOA (Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association) events held in East Lansing and Charlotte where bands and orchestras from around the region perform prepared pieces for judges and also do some site reading. The performance for all the groups that I could stay to listen to were done well. The youngest groups have only been playing their instruments as a group for a little over 1 ½ years but they sound much more accomplished. They obviously have spent many hours rehearsing together and it shows with some fantastic performances. The older High School groups perform pieces that are worthy of professional bands and orchestras. I only wish that more people were able to see these groups perform because they really deserve the community support.

My favorite portion of the event is not the prepared pieces performed on a stage though, the most fun is when the group go into a rehearsal room and are required to site read a piece. They are given music they have never seen before, allowed 5 minutes to look over their music but not play it, then must perform the piece. At the beginning of their 5 minutes, the teacher looks through the piece with the students and points out any areas to watch out for repeats, accidentals or other things that may cause the group to stumble. They pretend finger their parts but cannot make any sound with their instrument but can hum or speak the notes. In a blink of an eye, the 5 minutes is over and they perform the piece in front of a judge that will critique the performance. As a parent in the audience I get nervous for the teacher and the kids. This is high pressure but exhilarating . I am again amazed that they are able to pull off what seems really difficult and put on a performance worthy of a stage show. The ability of these kids to perform at such a high level with a minimal time for preparation speaks highly of their futures whether they decide to stay in music or any other career path. Some day, when I grow up and can retire from my job so I can dedicate more time to practice, I hope to be a good as them… some day.

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