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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Simple trick to keep crows away

Will a dove ever build a nest in a box? For the last 3 years crows have destroyed the nest and babies

Doves don't use nest boxes. Their nest is usually a fragile, shallow platform of twigs. They will nest on the branch of a shrub, tree or even sometimes on the ground. Wild Birds Unlimited does have nesting shelves or platforms that can be installed on trees and the sides of houses to help Doves and Robins with nesting.

However there is one simple trick Wild Birds Unlimited customers have used to protect their baby doves, bluebirds, and robins from crow attacks. Find a decorative crow (maybe from a past Halloween) and hang it upside down where the crows will see it. Just like hanging the American flag upside down, in the crow world this is officially recognized as a signal of distress. You may hear cawing for several minutes as the word is passed and then they leave the area.

Of course crows are smart so it may not be 100% effective. I love the doves but accept that they are an easy prey bird. They help feed many raptor and corvid babies as well as many mammal species. Fortunately, Mourning Doves can be found throughout most of North America and are considered among the top ten most abundant birds in the United States. Mourning doves may breed several times in a breeding season, from February to October. While the average longevity for a typical adult is only about 1.5 years, realistically the mortality rate of juveniles can be as high as 70% in their first year of life. But they can also be the longest lived bird found in North America. Bird banding research recorded one dove more than 31 years old.

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