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Monday, April 16, 2018

Will the snow make bird migration run late?

Strong winds blowing in the wrong direction, unseasonably cold weather, and no bug and flower blooms have slowed the migration of many birds. Juncos that should have left us are hanging around. While other species of sparrows are arriving only to struggle to survive instead of setting up house.

This time last year I had the door of the Wild Birds Unlimited store open and a Chipping Sparrow serenading me all day (alright perhaps singing for a potential mate).

Many native sparrows tend to be early migrants, with large numbers arriving in mid-Michigan in early April. Look for Chipping Sparrows, Song Sparrows, Fox Sparrows, Savannah Sparrows, Field Sparrows, and coming as soon as Mother Nature determines it will be frost-free, the White-crowned and White-throated sparrows.

Smaller birds such as sparrows, warblers, vireos, and thrushes are typical nocturnal migrants. It is common to find your yard filled with newly arrived migrants each morning the wind is pushing north. By traveling at night, they can pause at sunrise and devote the entire day to feeding and resting.

Female junco photo Wikimedia Commons
Flying nonstop all night demands high energy breakfast. And if the weather isn't cooperating, a bird feeder can be a life saver. A lot of these sparrows like the sunflower, peanuts, and millet in the No-mess blend bird seed. They tend to scratch for fallen seeds underneath bird feeders, particularly if they are close to cover.

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