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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Is it too early to complain about the hot weather? The sun was brutal yesterday on the walk home from the Wild Birds Unlimited store. The leaves on the trees haven't popped out and the sun was just beating on me. But the plants are sure responding to the warm up. It is amazing how much has grown since Sunday. Trees are budding and blooming, daffodils and dandelions are putting on a show, and the birds and bees are singing and buzzing.

I have this sunny patch of dandelions right outside the window. The dandelion’s peak flowering time is from late March to May, when many bees and other pollinators like butterflies emerge. Each flower consists of up to 100 florets, each one packed with nectar and pollen. This early, easily available source of food is a lifesaver for pollinators in spring.

The leaves also feed the bunnies, squirrels, and deer. Then the flowers go to seed and feed many species of birds while the fluff is used to make baby pillows for little chicks in the nest.

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