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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Owlets Begin To Leave The Nest Box

From Cornell Lab Bird Cams Project:

At nearly five weeks post-hatch, Hickory, Dickory, and Dock, the recently named owlets on the Barred Owl cam, have started venturing out of the nest and into the wild! These fluffballs have already spent plenty of time perched on the nest box's entrance (watch two owlets get harassed by an alarm-calling Blue-gray Gnatcatcher). It's from here that the owlets set off on their next stage of development—branching—where they leave the nest to perch on nearby branches and trees. Hickory, the oldest owlet, already branched on May 7 but returned to the nest box. The following evening, Hickory fledged after losing its balance on the nest box perch. Be there when Dickory and Dock leave the nest box for good: watch the outside view of the Barred Owl cam.

What's next for the young birds of prey? After they leave the box, they will eventually drop to the ground, climb and perch on trees, and explore the area surrounding the nest site. Over the next five weeks, the parents will continue to feed the young birds as they begin to make their first short flights. By fall, the owlets will have learned to hunt for themselves and will begin to disperse from their nesting area to establish territories of their own. Good luck, little ones!

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