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Monday, June 4, 2018

Baby bird watching

baby cardinal
Last night was all about baby bird watching. It was so much fun watching all the action and noise. Parents were bringing babies up to teach them how to feed. Daddies were munching away and babies were fluttering around waiting to be fed. Some babies took the feeders right away while others would stand right on the food with their mouths open wondering why they weren't being fed. Eventually they will all figure it out. They have to because after one to three weeks the parents will stop feeding their fledglings all together and may even peck at them if they persist in begging for food.

Baby Robin
I saw some babies like the chickadees that looked like freshly made versions of the parents and some babies that had baby feathers for camouflage. Little baby robins and bluebirds have speckled breasts to blend in with ground. You can usually tell what family a baby bird belongs to by watching which parent bird the babies turn to and beg for food. Cardinals, one of the most sought after backyard birds in our area because they're so handsome, have some of the most ragtag looking children. Some customers are shocked by how dissimilar the babies look to the parents at first.

So keep your eyes open for baby doves, chickadees, cardinals, woodpeckers, nuthatches, blue jays, sparrows, starlings, robins, House Finches and more at the feeders trying to figure out what they are supposed to do with the food in front of them. It's a fascinating interaction and is fun to observe.

You can make your backyard "bird family-friendly" by continuing to offer water and high-protein bird foods, such as WBU No-mess blend seed, Nyjer® (thistle), peanuts, suet and mealworms. Energy-packed foods will entice birds and their young back to your feeders so you can watch them up close. Make sure to keep all your feeders and baths clean to help them as we go in to the dog days of summer.

The video below captured baby bluebirds: https://youtu.be/n8CzHrYncY4

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