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Friday, June 29, 2018

Photo Share: Baby Red Squirrel visits

Adorable! This little baby red squirrel came to the Wild Birds Unlimited store to investigate. We get seed delivery every Tuesday and Friday and if a bag of seed just happens to break during shipping, these little guys help with spilled seed clean-up.

Red squirrels already look like babies but this especially fresh faced kid was just finding out how the great big world works. Distinguished from other tree squirrels by its smaller size, the American Red Squirrel, as its common name suggests, is a deep reddish brown in color, with white underparts and a white ring around the eye.

When it's not nibbling bird seed, the American red squirrel feeds on conifer cones, nuts, and seeds. They also eat a variety fruits, buds, bark, flowers, fungi, and even insects.

The American red squirrel usually breeds from February to April, sometimes with a second litter from June to August. Born naked and helpless, the young squirrels are weaned by 7 to 8 weeks, and become independent by around 18 weeks. The female will sometimes relinquish all or part of the territory to one or more juveniles, and move away to establish a new one, giving the young squirrels a greater chance at becoming territory holders.

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