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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Photo Share: Garden for American Goldfinches

Look in the corner beneath the finch to see
Dolly (cat) watching behind the screen door.
Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing store has seed delivered fresh twice a week, and there are bound to be a few stray seeds escaping when the pallets are dropped. Usually the squirrels and birds clean up, but one bag actually got mangled in delivery and a few overlooked seeds produced 4 foot tall sunflowers in the front garden. Now these happy accidents are calling down the finches to check each day to see if the seed heads are ready for plucking.

The weather has finally cooled enough to have the door open in the mornings. And I am so happy to hear the sounds of birds, especially the goldfinches who have just started their courtship songs and dances. American Goldfinch males are bright yellow and black birds, with a cheery song, and a wavy roller-coaster flight pattern. They roam from garden to garden making the flowers dance as they eat seed heads until late summer when they choose a territory where they will nest.

American Goldfinches are vegetarians. If you want them in to come in your yard plant flowers and add feeders that have Sunflower seed or Nyjer® (thistle). Gardeners know they can lure these sunny birds in by growing native sunflowers, thistles, goldenrod, coreopsis, black-eyed susans, cosmos, or grass seeds. Not only are plants an important source of food, female goldfinches also use thistledown and milkweed fluff to line their nests. 

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