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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How to get your finch to return to the feeder

There is just something about a baby goldfinches squeaky voices that bring me great joy! This week I heard the first batch at my feeders at the Wild Birds Unlimited store in East Lansing. So make sure your feeders are clean and full of fresh seed.

It is common for the goldfinches to stop visiting the feeders for awhile in the spring and early summer, but they return in late summer when they begin nesting. For every two American Goldfinches you may have had at your Feeders during the Spring and early Summer, you'll probably now have another four hungry babies tagging along.

If your seed has been just sitting in the feeder with no customers, take it down, clean it up, and refill it with fresh seed. Goldfinches are pretty finicky. They like the freshest food full of fat and the cleanest feeders. At my house they can get sunflower from the feeders that are filled with the Wild Birds Unlimited No-mess blend. Or they love Finch Feeders filled with Nyjer® (thistle).

American Goldfinches are vegetarians. You can also garden for them with flowers that produce seed heads like milkweed, yarrow, asters, cosmos, black-eyed-Susans or Coneflowers, along with feeders that have Sunflower seed or Nyjer® (thistle).

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