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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Where are the female finches

If you are noticing a lot of bright yellow and black birds at the feeders and not a lot of the duller olive green birds, then things are moving along as they should be. The American goldfinches usually start building nests in July. While females are sitting on the nest, males bring them food they have eaten but not yet digested. So you will see the boys loading up at the feeders to bring home dinner to the girls.

babies at my windowsill
They build nests a few feet off the ground from twigs and branches found nearby. Females lay 2 to 7 eggs, which they keep warm for 15 days until they hatch. When the chicks are born, they are usually naked or have just a few feathers. They weigh only 1 g on average. After the chicks hatch, males take on most of the responsibility for looking after the chicks. Females chase intruders away from the nest, forage for food, and return to feed the chicks through spitting up undigested food. They can fly in about 14 days. Even after they leave the nest, they rely on their parents for 3 to 4 more weeks.

Put your finch feeders out now to help reduce the stress on the goldfinch families and you'll soon be rewarded by the sound of little "squeaky toy" sounding babies learning how to feed!

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