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Thursday, November 8, 2018

When to stop feeding birds for winter

If I leave Michigan for the winter should I stop feeding the birds now?
Birds are not dependent on feeders, which is a good thing because most people aren’t as obsessive about filling feeders as I am. My window feeder at work and several bird feeding stations at home give me a lot of joy. So I would fill your feeders as long as you want to watch the birds.

If the feeder is empty they’ll look for other sources. Birds are pretty clever. Studies show that the birds you see in your yard are only eating about 20% of their meals at feeders.

Birds are survivors and won't starve if you go on vacation or even down south for the winter. They usually follow a circuit each day, visiting a number of feeding areas. However, during ice storms when natural food is covered up or during windy, wet, or cold evenings birds might forego foraging and look for an easy meal. That's when it's nice to know they will find something to eat in the yard.

That could also mean nut or berry bushes and trees to supply a natural food source. Or allowing native flowers, such as coneflowers, black eyed Susan’s, and cosmos go to seed and stand through the winter. These all provide food for the birds. A habitat that provides naturally for wild birds is a very relaxing place for people, too.
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