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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Low activity at the feeders

You may have noticed that it hasn't been as active at the bird feeders compared to last year. That is because December was much warmer than usual and there was hardly any snow.

Here's how mild winter weather impacts bird feeders:

• Birds will forage away from feeders when winters are mild and there is no snow or ice to cover up abundant natural plant seeds, fruits, nuts, or berries.

• Birds need to consume fewer calories during warmer temperatures because they expend less energy maintaining their body temperature.

But when the weather does turn cold, birds immediately return to the feeders for a quick bite and then return to a roosting spot to conserve energy.

• Even if the birds aren't feasting as much as usual, they still take notice of feeders for when the weather turns.

• Long nights and snowy days will drive backyard birds to return to the feeders for supplemental food to help them survive.

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