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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Photo Share: Tree Swallow

Tree swallows breed between May and September in mid-Michigan. They raise one brood per year and then gather in large flocks to prepare for their journey south in the fall. Tree swallows winter in southern North America, primarily in Florida, and along the Caribbean coast of Central America.

While nesting they aren't very social with other Tree Swallows. But once they leave our nesting territory they find safety in numbers. They form flocks to roost together, watch for predators and forage for food.

They are especially fond fruits of waxmyrtle and bayberry bushes that grow in sandy soils near seacoasts. They are one of the very few birds able to digest the energy-rich waxy outer coatings of these berries. 

Watch an extremely neat YouTube video of a flock of Tree Swallows feeding on a waxmyrtle bush: https://youtu.be/fAwabGUpmYE?t=30

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