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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Photo Share: Female cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is a favorite backyard bird of many people not only for their coloring but also the demonstrative courtship displays they perform to strengthen their bond in the spring. Cardinals live well next to humans and are found in residential areas all over mid-Michigan. Cardinals prefer to feed on the ground so if you can "raise the ground" by feeding cardinals on tray feeders, hopper feeders or any feeder that gives them a comfortable feeding position they'll be happy. Their favorite food is oil sunflower, nuts, safflower and seed cylinders. Wild Birds Unlimited has a wide variety of cardinal friendly food and feeders.

They are also attracted to fruit and berry producing trees and bushes. And my cardinals love the honeysuckle vine to build a nest. They are not cavity nesters so they don't want a bird house. They prefer to build their own nests in the lower part of dense evergreen or vines. The female builds a cup-shaped nest with twigs, strips of bark, and grass, and is lined with leaves, cottons, or hair. Nesting Materials placed in trees or bushes close by will allow you to observe a part of nest construction!

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