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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Photo Share: Robins looking for a place to nest

Once a robin chooses your yard as their nesting territory you know spring has arrived! This week I've had them dunking themselves in the bath and under the feeders looking for nuts. And the songs in the morning are glorious!

However as they forage for food, guard territories, and get ready to raise a family, they don’t always have time to be bothered with their surroundings. As a result you may have noticed more birds in the road trying to outrun cars. Please drive careful during spring migration when we have new birds in the area. Don't just assume they will get out of the way.

Each year 60 million to 80 million bird deaths are attributed to cars. That's why I like to create a little bird sanctuary in my yard. I garden with native plants, put up birdhouses, and feed the birds.

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