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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Why birds are different colors

Birds are among the most colorful animals on the planet due to the variety of pigments produced in their bodies and consumed in their diets.

Male birds tend to be showier and more colorful perhaps to attract mates. Female birds used to be colorful like males but the duller, camouflaged females survived more often to pass on their genes. At least they seem duller to our human eyes. The color differences in male and female birds is more complex than the human eye can see.

Humans’ eyes have three types of color-sensitive cones that allow us to see three primary colors in terms of light which are red, green and blue. Birds' eyes have four types of color-sensitive cones which allow many birds to also perceive ultraviolet (UV) light. Although unsure how birds benefit from their enhanced visual perception, you can assume from the way UV light reflects from their feathers that it might play a part in mate selection.

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