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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Suet is an important supplemental food source

We had an interesting little visitor at the Wild Birds Unlimited store in East Lansing this morning. A Common Yellowthroat showed up probably to take a little rest from his marathon migration. Yellowthroats come up from their wintering grounds in Central America to their nesting grounds in open habitats like marshes, wetland edges, and brushy fields in Michigan and across a lot of North America.

About the size of a chickadee, adult males are bright yellow below, with a sharp black face mask and olive back feathers. Females are a plain olive brown, usually with a brighter yellow throat and under the tail.

The male sings a distinctive witchety-witchety-witchety song, about 2 seconds long, to defend the territory and attract females. They give these songs very frequently during summer, averaging as high as 125 songs per hour and sometimes reaching 300 songs per hour.

I stuck some peanutbutter suet in the bark of the tree for the nuthatches, creepers, woodpeckers, and wrens, but the warblers also take advantage of the supplemental food source during this tough spring migration.

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