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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Are the birds done nesting?

Time flies when you are a bird. Many bird species just arrived in mid-Michigan a few weeks ago and are already done nesting. Blackbirds, woodpeckers, jays, nuthatches, swallows, and a few others are one and done. Others bird species like doves, robins, sparrows, chickadees, wrens, bluebirds, and cardinals may be working on their second or third nesting.

And as we finally blow in to the warmer days of summer, the American Goldfinches are just beginning to nest for the first and only time of the year. They may have been absent from your feeders earlier when they were footloose and fancy free to eat grass or flower seeds. Now that they are tied down to one nesting area the numbers of birds hitting the feeders will multiply, literally! Make sure your feeders are clean and full of fresh birdseed.

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