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Monday, June 17, 2019

Now is a good time to put up a hummingbird feeder

Ruby-throated hummingbird juvenile showing his first jewel on his throat
If you didn't see a lot of activity earlier this spring and took your hummingbird feeder down, now is a good time to clean it up and put out fresh food. When Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds have settled into their territories to nest you may or may not see much activity. Weather, where you live, how frequently you change your sugar water, and the number of feeders you have available are just a few of the things that factor in to the number of hummingbirds you have visiting.

But by late June newly fledged hummers begin to visit with their mother. They have to check out everything to see if it's food. You may catch them flying by feeders, flowers, and garden decorations trying to figure this whole feeding myself thing.

While the females are showing their offspring how to forage, the males begin to wander widely and start to fatten up in anticipation of heading south. So, before you know it you'll have hungry southbound migrants to feed!

Migration continues through the middle of October so there are plenty of opportunities to see hummers feeding. The migration south is a more leisurely trip than the race north. So you may see these new hummers at your feeder all the way in to early fall before they catch a good wind to move further south.

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